How to deal with depression

Depression in present days Nowadays one of the biggest challenges is how to deal with depression. Day by day the number of victims is increasing rapidly. Depression is a mental disorder having indications like abrupt mood swings, less interested in daily life's activity, constant hopelessness and moreover feeling low in one's end.                                           The person who is struggling with depression, it is very hard for him/her to work smoothly, sleep soundly, eat properly even one can't maintain one's balanced social life. Chronic depression can cause damage to the nervous system and in some cases critical damages to the brain. SYMPTOMS Feeling less energetic most of the time in a day. Persistently having unnecessary anxiety. Feeling restlessness Low concentration level The tendency of lying down without proper sleep. Drastic weight gain or weight loss. In extreme cases, one can think about committing suicide. Ways to deal with depression: Medical trea

What would be the most probable repercussions of Chinese app ban in India

On 29th June 2020, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications issuing security threat and on Tuesday china's foreign ministry's spokesperson, Mr. Zhao Lijian has given the first response to this move.Mr. Lijian said that it was "seriously concerned" by India's move and described it as " a deliberate interference in practical cooperation".                             The time elapsed to get the first response shows that the Chinese government is very much shocked after witnessing such kind of move by the Indian government. In this article, we would discuss about the most probable headwinds that are to be faced by India in the coming days. We will discuss several aspects one by one. Trade The recent data show that India China bilateral trade volume is approximately $81.86 billion in 2019-2020 where china enjoys a $48.6 billion trade surplus ( export volume: $16.6 billion and import volume: $65.26 billion). If we see this by our naked eye, it lo

Chinese app ban and present geopolitical scenario

On 29th June 2020 Indian minister of electronics and information technology, Mr. Ravi Sankar Prasad tweeted about the 59 Chinese apps banned in India citing the issues of safety, sovereignty, and security. But geopolitical analysts from all over the world are considering it as the biggest ever move against the Chinese aggression in the South Asia region. Since the last 40 years, India is being criticized by the entire globe for her defensive policy against China. According to them, it is the prudent step that India has ever taken against China, and there are too many reasons for doing so: 1)India has realized that it is hard to sustain without  Chinese physical goods but quite possible to retaliate China in the field of the digital market. 2)India has more than  800 million internet consumers at the present time, for Chinese tech giants, India is a lucrative market so far. 3)In India 50 percent of smartphone users are below 25 years, they are very much hungry for online entertainment c